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Image processing and robotics for flexible quality control

With our proven combination of an optical recog­ni­tion system and robot control, we can offer you the realization of customised and high-perfor­mance systems for quality assurance within your company. And – thanks to inline measure­ment technology – this can be accom­plished as early as the pro­duc­tion line, if desired. How does it work? We will show you here:

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Quality control of large, complex and variant-rich components


For the quality control of large, com­plex and variant-rich com­po­nents (for exam­ple, for the automotive industry), static inspec­tion systems with fixed installed cameras have mostly proven to be insuf­fi­cient. In addition, in modern pro­duc­tion, the aim is for image process­ing for inspec­tion tasks to be increas­ingly used directly in the pro­duc­tion line. Our Robot Vision Center software pro­vides the solution. It combines the flexibil­ity of industrial robots with the ability of image process­ing to recognize objects with extreme precision.

Robot Vision Center functioning


Through an interface, the pro­duc­tion system de­liv­ers the component variant to be inspected to the Robot Vision Center software. At that point, the software carries out the tailored inspection pro­cess, which may include a wide variety of inspections. Examples of this include the verifi­cation of the instal­la­tion or the correct anchoring of attach­ments, mea­sur­ing tasks, the reading of the code, and much more. In doing so, the robot takes on the precise positioning of cameras, 2D/3D sensors and lighting systems.

Inspection of automobile assemblies


Inspection of au­to­mo­bile assemblies

The Robot Vision Center allows for the flexible inline inspection of variant-rich and large body parts for the automotive industry. From the car dash­board, through the doors, up to the bumpers, individual inspection tasks can be real­ized quickly and with minimal inspec­tion effort, even with frequent type changes – and without retro­fit­ting.

Quality control of engines

Quality control of engines

Do you have numerous inspection tasks to complete rapidly and reliably with only one camera system, with a complex industrial product such as an engine? No problem! With the Robot Vision Center, you have no limits. Whether gear bear­ings, fuel lines, fans or oil dipsticks – in the final assem­bly, our robot-driven image pro­cess­ing systems undertake the exami­na­tion of correct positioning, complete­ness and any other require­ment for your quality assurance system.

Sample attendance check with Robot Vision Center software

Example of an inspection:

Attendance check

On large assemblies, such as bumpers in the auto­mo­tive industry, it is often the case that numerous components must be attached in the positions pro­vid­ed for them. The Robot Vision Center facilitates the rapid and reliable recog­ni­tion of complete­ness, visualises and documents errors and transmits the result to the pro­duc­tion interface. More examples at ...

Robot Vision Center software


Based on our Vision Center image pro­cess­ing software, the Robot Vision Center offers cus­tomised solu­tions for automa­tion and inspection tasks with robot control. It is characterised by high degrees of accuracy, process reliability and ease of use. Your advantage: max­i­mum cost-effective­ness and effi­cien­cy. Learn more at ...

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